Ghetto Gifts founder

Camilla Wirseen is a photographer, curator, teacher and architect from Sweden who is today engaged in trying to make a difference. She is the founder of Ghetto Gifts, an idea she has carried for many years while she has been working in Kibera with different projects.
The world functions on contacts and networks and Ghetto Gifts creates a window of opportunity for talented artists and musicians from any ghetto around Nairobi to get known, get out and go beyond.
Camilla has worked in Kibera for more than 10 years. First setting up the sanitation project Peepoo of which she is the co-founder, then trying to get projects going like Greencard Mtaani which wanted to fight extrajudicial killings with soccer and Kibera Talking where Kibera musicians painted more than 400 messages on the walls of Kibera that were photographed by her, but it was finally with The Cup that she was able to really make a difference. An idea that was born in 2012 while she was interviewed by Voice of America and heard a large percentage of girls are having sex for pads in Nairobi ghettos risking teenage pregnancy and HIV. Something had to be done and the Cup idea was born where girls and boys get an injection of comprehensive education from role models from same background that tackles the taboos and challenges surrounding youths growing up and girls are given a menstrual cup.
In 2018 she came up with and organized the international Cup Summit as she believes that together pamoja we can do more. In April she started a podcast called Ghetto Stories ( where role models who are making a difference in their communities in Nairobi are being interviewed to again showcase to the world how much talent and amazing people are around.
Ghetto Gifts targets tourists to come and buy locally produced handicraft with high quality but also for them to walk along a safe typical shopping road in Kibera, see the happy atmosphere and meet amazing people. To create more awareness of the challenges girls undergo and about The the shop is managed by the staff from The Cup which creates a unique opportunity for anyone to visit and learn how a project is actually implemented. A percentage of the sales at Ghetto Gifts goes to supporting The Cup helping girls.
Come visit Ghetto Gifts in Ayani for a unique experience and help Camilla make a difference.

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