Ghetto Gifts is a new kind of tourist shop, not only because of its place in the slum but also through it´s support of gifted artists, musicians and designers from ghettos all around Nairobi. The artifacts are locally produced with unique designs. You can find art t-shirts, baby sandals, CDs from musicians, jewellery, bags and more!

Come to Ghetto Gifts to find your presents.

Visit Kibera

Coming to Ghetto Gifts is more than just shopping; it allows you to meet the amazing people from the Kibera slum.

Kibera is one of almost 100 slums in Nairobi. Ghetto Gifts is located along a typical ghetto street, full of shops selling charcoal, restaurants, hairdressers, tailors, kiosks, a bank, car wash and more. The shop is close to a police station which makes it safe to visit.

Support a Girl Project

Ghetto Gifts is managed by staff from The Cup, a girl empowerment project supporting more than 15 000 Kenyan girls since 2015. 

The project aims to keep underprivileged and adolescent girls in school, healthy and secure. A percentage from the Ghetto Gifts sales goes to helping a girl. The Cup distributes menstrual cups to the girls. A menstrual cup is a hygienic and environmentally friendly solution that can be reused for 10 years. Come and learn more about how to use cups at Ghetto Gifts or donate a cup to a girl. For more information see www.thecup.org.


Art for School fees

Clinton Artistico is the artist name of a boy who goes to Secondary School in Kibera slum. He is a painter and artist and responsible for some of the artwork for sale @ Ghetto Gifts. To buy something made of Clinton or of any other youth supports not only a girl but ensures the artist …

Organized visits to Ghetto Gifts in Kibera!

Book a visit and a pick up at your hotel.

Call for booking one day ahead at +254 70 97 50 099

Opening hours Monday – Sunday 9 am – 5 pm

Contact: info@ghettogifts.co.ke